This summer we are excited to do something a little different as we offer Classes instead of groups! Starting the week of June 2nd we’ll be launching four different 8-week classes. Each class will meet a different night of the week, meet at the church and will provide a bigger sense of community alongside the class.

Some of our groups will continue to meet along the classes even though they aren’t advertised. If you’re interested in jumping in one of these, you can find them HERE.


We believe that what we do on Sundays is merely one aspect of living a successful Gospel-oriented life. Our community groups are structured around diving deeper into God’s Word and living in intentional community with each other through care, biblical direction and accountability. Our community groups go through various bible studies, sermon series and books of the Bible. With groups meeting several evenings throughout the week and being categorized in various ways, our prayer is everyone will be able to have a group they call home. 

Interested in leading a group in the fall? Apply below!